Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sorry it's been so long

Well I'm really sorry that it's been so long but I did have an issue in the family but I couldn't really write. I wish to divulge that with you guys but really I can't it's kind of personal. So anyways I took my daughter on her first crop and she absolutely loved it. And I really can't believe that she really did very well in it she did all her pictures they came out good they're not like I would do it but of course it's somebody different doing scrapbooking so of course it's different. Anyways she did enjoy it and the next crop will be in January and we are going together. It's going to be strange to have her along with me for an all day crop. I'm so use to it being my day. 

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed your Thanksgiving because I enjoyed mine I got to see my niece and we spend some family time all together. And that's something strange because we really don't spend a lot of time together my sister lives very far so it's kind of hard to do that. 

So I was wondering what is everybody doing for Christmas because Christmas is something very fun to do at my house. we still haven't put up the Christmas tree but Im thinking of doing that this weekend because you know like I said family issues that have happened. So I want to know what everybody else is doing and I hope to see some pictures because I will be putting the pictures when I'm done with my tree. My daughter normally is the one that does the tree but I put it together because it's fake and she kind of just put all the ornaments that she wants on it and then I just kind of fill in as much as possible. So let's really see what she decides to do this year. The last couple years she has not wanted to put a lot of stuff so I had to really fill in the tree. But she does enjoy it.

Well anyways let me let you guys go I hope you guys have been enjoying this holiday season and have been getting all your presents in order. I know I have still have a couple things to get but I mostly have everything I need for my niece my daughter and my family. I hope to hear from you guys and see what you guys have done for the Christmas time and hope to see some pictures of how you guys have decorated. When I'm done with my Christmas tree I'll show it here but let me leave you with what my daughters Elf Ember did on weds.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bedroom curtains

okay so the title isn't so great but yea im looking for bedroom curtains for my daughters room. she really did like these from walmart:
and don't get me wrong this is so my fave color but her room already is blue. I am going to paint a wall and that is the color I want to paint the walls and I love how it looks! it really looks nice but my mom said it would be too much blue. so this is the other one that im thinking
or in black so the same pattern but in black. I really don't know I kinda fell in love with the teal! :( oh the choices to pick for her room.
The only problem I can really see with these curtains is that they aren't the ones that block out the lights. So I found a blog and I think im going to do exactly what she did. She made her own but im just going to do the same! this is the website. well I gotta go work is work and I need to get to my daughter! bye all

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

almost a week into it!

So its been almost a week into me taking these pills. Mind you I haven't taken them like I should be because it isn't routine, but I have been feeling better. I do have more energy and I will start getting hungry during lunch time but I think I need to start taking it at lunch as well. It really all depends if i want to take it at that time. I know I need to lose this weight because its not helping being this fat! so yes I am trying but like I've said before.. I love food lol. So yes we will still see.

The pills are i guess working like they should be working. I cant tell you for sure but as of right now they are doing what they are suppose to do!

Well on Saturday I am off to another crop! I have enough pictures to crop that are going to last me a while. 12 hours and I should get enough done where I feel that I am working towards a goal of getting something done! like you guys know I have gotten a lot of things to crop. I got the light and i do really like it. I as well go the scrap ma bob and I cant wait to use it for this crop! so super excited! anyways this is really all I wanted to write. I haven't really done much except for seeing my niece and baby sitting!

Work is almost over so its time to start picking up and getting ready to get out of here. Bye everyone.

Friday, November 7, 2014

today is day 1!

so today is day one of these pills that I talked about before. If you click the picture it will take you to amazon to order them. They are actually not too bad. I have energy and I think out of habit I drank my big cup of coffee. It doesn't have a bad taste like some when you pop them in your mouth to drink. I know that I have tried some that leave you with a somewhat funny after taste but this one doesn't. Pure Grade [★] 80% HCA Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supreme - 180 Count - 1400 Mg Serving, Max Absorption All Natural Supplement For Weight Loss, Improves Serotonin Levels | Zero Fillers, Binders and Artificial Ingredients (1 bottle) So we will see how it goes. But as of right now, its 12:31 pm which is normally my lunch time and I wasn't really hungry but I did have some meatballs which I think are turkey balls and some mash potatoes from work. (Mind you I work at a school so healthy choices are slim to none!) but it was very yummy and now im full. I also had an orange with my lunch and now im drinking my water. I don't know if its a trick of the mind, you know you take this and your feel better kinda thing. That's why im going to give you guys updates while I take it and ill really tell you how I feel about it after a few weeks.

Anyways im trying to find some tape for my atg gun. I need something a little bit cheaper then what I use now! I going o try the general purpose because I know its a little cheaper. But I should now get back to work! talk to you all later! bye

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Job hunting :(

okay so now as an RN I have started job hunting. and its not looking to good. They want experience and the problem is that no one is hiring so how the hell am I going to get experience. This is truly ridiculous. you cant get any kind of hospital experience without going through a new grad period which they only pay you 15 dollars the hours which I think is a crime. Really you want people to work for 15 dollars as an rn. that's what an LPN is making in the schools. No that is so unacceptable! People allow it because they need a job. Really what did me getting all those school loans out and needing to pay them back do to me if I cant find a position to work at! it is so unacceptable to not want to invest time in training you the way they want to train you and the new nurses. I am so upset about the whole situation! that im not even in the mood to write anymore. sorry its so short but I am so upset! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

What im trying out.

Okay I normally wont do something like this but I am going to do it because I know a lot of people out there are trying to get fit. So I have just recently ordered this (I was asked to try it out and review) to try and help me out. I will tell you I love love love to eat! food is so yummy and I know I will never starve! lol anyways so I should be receiving this product soon and I wanted to inform everyone of how it is. I hoping this isn't like other the other ones! I know I have tried other things and supplements but once you stop taking it if you aren't careful you gain the weight back. I know that I have to start exercising and eating healthy and I think that now that im out of school is the best time to do it. I really need to get back in shape. this is the heaviest I have ever been and I feel so ugh about it! so I think it will start now better late then never!

Anyways like I have been saying, I really want to organize my scraproom and not be a crap room anymore! I have so much stuff in there that I could be on hoarders. (well not really, it isn't so bad!) but I do want to clean it up a bit. I have another table but what good is my other table when all I have on it is crap. That really doesn't help me at all. I need to go through all my stuff and see what I am going to use and what I do not want anymore. because im about to start giving some things away and selling others. I do not see why I have so much! well yes I know why but ugh I have to stop buying things!! I think every scrapbooker can tell you that! so the ideas  I have had to redo my room is to add some color. Its this pale yellow and I like it but I want something else to make the room pop. As well as some more under the table storage. because I do not have a lot of space in the room but something that rolls in and out would be awesome. I already have two rolling cabinets, (if you can call it that) its called the lennart from ikea. and I have two 4x2 from ikea that are the expedit. they hold my paper and stuff. but I want to look through it and see what I can give away or sell. I know I have paper pads that I never used. so its something. I kinda want it to look like this  but I don't think it will. I found this by just googling scraprooms. or even this would be awesome I actually love this idea! this would be a great scrap room!
 my room isn't a room. its more of a wider hall. I do love this. if I could I would so great something like this but I do not have enough space for that awesome desk they have. this was more of a class room for home schooling then it is for a scrap room. but still this room is amazing! so this is what I have in my room. they are great to organize my 8 1/2x 11 cardstock.
 FLYT Magazine file IKEADRĂ–NA Box IKEA Easy to pull out and lift as the box has handles. Perfect for everything from newspapers to clothes.I have these for my 12x12 and any other items I need to put away. chargers 6x6 flowers. it actually works out great! these two items go with my expedit. and I love my expedit it works great to have everything in place! I also have two of these. they are the lennarts that I was talking about earlier. LENNART Drawer unit IKEA The casters make it easy to move around. The drawers hold letter and legal size paper.these hold my paints, sprays, glue gun, and etc. it works great! I love it absolutely love it. it has two back wheels and I really want to add to wheels in the front.  I want one of these be at the present moment don't really need it. I would like it in white. I think white looks so much better then the grey color unless the grey is what goes in your room.  ALEX Drawer unit on casters IKEA Drawer stops prevent the drawer from being pulled out too far.I also want this but for what im not sure! ALEX Drawer unit with 9 drawers IKEA High unit with many drawers means plenty of storage on minimum floor space.there are so many things I want in my room but will not get because I don't need it and right now I cant offered it. well anyways I think this should be the end of the post.

I still have a lot of cleaning when I get home from work and taking Brianna to chorus. but I will get it done! Have a good day everyone!

Friday, October 31, 2014

bedrooms, scraprooms and halloween!!

Okay so I'm just going to rant about some things. I am redoing one of the rooms in my home to be my daughters room. I have to take out the closet and re do it and its going to take longer then I thought. I was thinking of using these:
 instead of using this:
PAX Wardrobe frame IKEA 10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.this is from ikea its called a Pax. I would have to buy the drawers for it and that's $15 dollars for each one because you need the track to pull it out. they look like this:
KOMPLEMENT Wire basket with pull-out rail IKEA 10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.KOMPLEMENT Shelf IKEA 10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty I said the wire basket is 15 and the top that is going to be white is 10. They are going to go in the Pax organizer so she doesn't have to have a drawer set outside of her closet. I do have to paint everything to the color she wants and that will take time but this is what I thought of first. If I'm going for cheap it would be the plastic things from walmart. 23 for the two skinner ones and 18 for the big one. I as well need to get this but in white (its just that the white wont show too well):
KOMPLEMENT Clothes rail IKEA 10-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.I think the later and more expensive one is going to be the best option for her. Plus it looks so much prettier then the blue plastic cheaper drawers. its just going to take money and as most people know money doesn't grow on trees (even though deep down inside I so wish it did!)

Anyways this post was more about wanting to redo my scraproom but I really do not know how! my room is this yellow in color and is bright and happy but I really wish that I could add some other color to it. I need to repaint the base boards and since I already painted one of the boards that I had white I need to paint the base board white. I have one that cuts the wall (don't know what its called) at a certain point to break the wall up. I want to paint the bottom part of the wall a light grey color.  its kinda like this but its not like that but you get the idea. its not that yellow because that's a very bright yellow!! haha.... so I really want to get the bottom part paint in a light grey color or but not sure if im going to do it I HATE painting walls!!! but if I want to do it ill do it!

I do want to re do my scrap room and I don't know what I want to do but what I do know it that I need to clean it up a bit and move things because if I don't move things then ill be suck with a big mess and I really do not want a big mess on my hands! I see all these pretty rooms all clean I kinda want mine to look like that too but lol I am a messy scrapper! oh well!!!

I cant wait to go to my crop in a couple of weeks! so super excited!!! now time to go through all my pictures to check out what I want to scrap and what im going to use in my stash! Like I said no more buying its time to use things! make my hoard go down a bit!!

Okay guys work is almost over and its Halloween so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! be safe out there with your kiddies. ill be doing trick or treating with my daughter so I cant wait for her be La Muerte from The Book of Life. Bye all!!